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Dumpster Rentals.

Garbage Bins delivered right to your door!

Big. Red. Delivered. Picked Up.

KEN REDMOND INC. offers fast, reliable garbage bin rentals and is committed to offering our customers waste disposal & recycling services at an affordable price.

Perfect for:

Temporary or Permanent Disposal Bins, Junk Removal, Basements And Garages, Construction & Roofing Waste, Clean Fill Disposal, and Scrap Metal.

15, 20, & 40 Yard Bin Rentals.

15 Yard Roll-Off Dumpster

Height: 3.5FT
Width: 8FT
Length: 15FT

Equal to: pick-up truck loads.

20 Yard Roll-Off Dumpster

Height: 4FT
Width: 8FT
Length: 18FT

Equal to: pick-up truck loads.

40 Yard Roll-Off Dumpster

Height: 7.5FT
Width: 8FT
Length: 18FT

Equal to: pick-up truck loads.

Choosing the right bin.

Job: Small Clean Up

A project like this includes cleaning up your property or getting rid of old furniture.

Ken Recommends:


Job: Garage or Attic Clean Out

A project like this includes cleaning up your attic or garage where you have stored junk and now you want to get rid of it.

Ken Recommends:


Job: Roofing Project

A project like this includes removing old shingles and re-shingling your roof as well as replacing roofing boards.

Ken Recommends:


Job: Minor Renovation Project

A project like this would include one room renovations such as a kitchen or bathroom.

Ken Recommends:

15YD or 20YD Bin

Job: Major Clean Out

A project like this would include cleaning up a whole house to get rid of furniture from multiple rooms as well as cleaning up garages and attics.

Ken Recommends:

20YD Bin

Job:Construction or Demolition Projects

A project like this would include building a home or garage as well it includes demolition of old buildings on your property.

Ken Recommends:

20YD or 40YD Bin

Job:Major Renovation or Demolition Projects

A project like this would include a complete remodelling the exterior or interior of your home. Or demolition of house or large garage..

Ken Recommends:

40YD Bin

However, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you choose the right bin for your project.

Frequent Questions

How much does it cost to rent a bin and dispose of the waste?

This depends on the size and your location, please call 705-328-5226.

What are the bin sizes?

We’ve built a handy bin size chart to help our customers get an idea about what size bin will work best for their project or event. Click here.

How can I pay for bin rental?

Methods Of Payment Include Cash, E-transfer, Visa or MasterCard.

How long can I keep the bin?

7-day rental included in delivery and pick up charge. After 7 days there is a charge of $15 per day until the bin is picked up.

How much advance notice is required to book a bin?

Few days notice to schedule drop-off is ideal. However generally if bin is ordered before 12:00pm we can usually deliver bin same day, if not the next day. Contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Do I have to be on site for the bin delivery?

No, not if we have specific instructions about where to place the bin. You’ll need to have prepaid your deposit and it’s always best to leave some pylons or some kind of marking so we know exactly where you want the bin placed.

Do I need to call for bin pick up?

Yes, you need to call when the bin is ready for pick up. 705-328-5226

Do I need a permit for the bin?

It depends. No, not if the bin is situated on your property. HOWEVER, if you need to place the bin on the street, this will need to be coordinated with the city or township you live in. And permits are required. Again, for permits you’ll need to contact the city or township office.

How full can we fill bin?

Do not overfill bin. Bins can only be filled to “WATER LEVEL”. Materials over the top are potentially hazardous to our operators and other vehicles on roadway.

Are there any extra charges?

Yes, for Freon $20-25/item (fridges, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and water coolers)

Mattress or box spring $15-25/item

Tires $20-50/tire. 

Are bins available for disposal of clean fill?

Yes. Clean fill bins are available and are charged on a flat rate basis, the cost depends on the size of the bin and location.

What does clean fill consists of?

Clean fill consists only of:
* dirt and soil
* broken concrete, blocks and clay bricks
* asphalt
* Nothing can be mixed
* Clean fill must be kept separate from each other.

What types of waste is acceptable?

Non-hazardous solid waste including unwanted furniture, household goods, renovation waste, demolition waste, drywall, wood, plaster and shingles


Type of waste that is unacceptable?

Tires – no tires allowed in bin.


The Following Items Are Considered Hazardous Waste
Automotive Products
* Air conditioning refrigerants
* Antifreeze
* Auto body filler
* Automobile batteries – lead acid
* Brake fluid
* Carburetor cleaner
* Car wax with solvent
* Chrome polish
* Engine degreaser
* Fuel additives
* Gasoline (in ULC approved container)
* Oil filters
* Starter fluids
* Transmission fluid
* Used motor oil
* Windshield washer fluid
* General household batteries
* Lead acid batteries
* Small Ni-Cad batteries (rechargeable)
Hobby Supplies
* Chemistry sets
* Kerosene
* Photographic chemicals
Household Products
* Abrasive cleaners
* Aerosol products
* All-purpose cleaners
* Ammonia
* Disinfectants
* Bleach
* Drain cleaner
* Floor wax strippers
* Furniture polish and waxes
* Metal cleaners
* Oven cleaners
* Rust remover
* Shoe polish (liquid)
* Spot and stain remover
* Toilet bowl cleaner
* Upholstery and rug cleaners
* Lighter fluid
* Muriatic acid
* Tub and tile cleaners
* Window cleaners
Paints & Solvents
* Acetone
* Empty containers
* Latex paint
* Lead based paint
* Marine paint
* Oil-based paint
* Paint thinner and strippers
* Spray paint
* Varnish or lacquer
* Other solvents
Empty Tanks and Containers
* Butane tanks
* Gas tanks
* Helium tanks
* Kerosene containers
* Pesticide containers
* Propane tanks
Mercury-containing products
* Metal halide lamps
* Thermometers
* Thermostats
* Ultraviolet lamps
Gardening and Pest Control
* All fungicides
* All herbicides
* All insecticides
* Chemical fertilizers
* Flea/tick pet products
* Rat poison
* Slug bait
* Wood preservatives
Glue and Cements
* Liquid glues only (dispose of hardened glue as regular garbage)
Personal Care Products
* Hair dye
* Hairspray
* Hydrogen peroxide
* Jewellery cleaner
* Nail polish and remover
* Perm lotion or solution
* Rubbing alcohol
* Energy Efficient Light Blubs
* Fluorescent Tubes
* Light Fixtures With Ballasts
* Barbeque starting fluid
* Smoke detectors
* Swimming pool and spa/hot tub chemicals



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